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      -The city of Athens needs a Regulating/ Zoning Plan. Development has begun to sprawl across multiple land uses in an unmitigated fashion.
      -Transportation infrastructure is suffering because the development has not incorporated traffic studies and ways to mitigate increased traffic capacity on major thoroughfares such as US HWY 72.
      -The impact of local and small businesses needs to be included as an asset to the city. I would appreciate less focus on chain restaurants and big box stores.
      -There is no collective vision for the city. If we can develop a list planning Vision with a list of goals and objectives then vet the future developments against those goals, the city of Athens will be a better place for its residents. This creates an checks/ balances system.


      Amy Macon

        Athens has the opportunity to set itself apart from other places in the state by becoming more eco- and health-conscious.

        -Add bike lanes and sidewalks throughout the city (especially to/from schools & the square)
        -Develop community food forests
        -Incentivize businesses to switch from single-use plastic to reusable/compostable materials
        -Expand recycling program
        -Expand farmers market
        -Bring in businesses with environmentally sustainable goals/products or that encourage employee health
        -Health Food Store
        -Bicycle Shop
        -Tool Library (e.g.
        -Butcher shop with locally-sourced meat products
        -Use alternative energy sources to power street lights/public buildings (e.g. town hall)
        -Keep the Grease Festival as an opportunity to “let loose” from healthy living

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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