On the table

What is "On The Table"?

For the Athens 2040 project, On The Table is an opportunity to have group conversations to build personal connections and explore how we can work together to make our community stronger. Everyone is encouraged to participate, either as a host or a meeting attendee. Meetings can take place any time before June 6, 2021.

On the Table invites residents and business owners in Athens to come together to talk, collaborate, become more involved, and be more committed to our community. You can gather around the table with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and maybe even a few people you are meeting for the first time to talk about the issues, big and small, that impact our lives in the City.


Anywhere! The conversations can be hosted in homes, restaurants, places of worship, schools, libraries, offices, parks, and other community locations. Or they can be hosted online through Zoom, GoToMeeting, Facebook, etc. Anywhere you can gather in person or virtually and talk with a group of people.


When we talk about our experiences and listen to others, we connect and learn about what matters to all of us. The issues we face today aren’t often solved with quick fixes. On the contrary, progress will result when residents, organizations, businesses, and government work together. This On The Table initiative is part of the larger Athens 2040 process that will update the City’s Comprehensive Plan. It is an opportunity for you to have meaningful conversations on your own time in a smaller, more intimate setting with people you feel comfortable with. What happens next is up to you.


Key Dates

April 22     Community Kick-Off

May 15-19     Planapalooza!


If you are interested in being an On The Table Host, please download the packet at right, complete the survey below, and schedule your event this fall! When you register to host, you join a community of people who are leading important conversations across Athens.



What happens after June 6th?

All On The Table participants will be invited to complete a short email survey about their conversations that will cover important issues and themes, big ideas, and what matters most to them. We want to hear form every voice!




Host a Table

Please complete this survey prior to hosting your meeting. If you didn’t get a chance to, or forgot to, that’s ok! Just fill it out at the same time you complete your Post-Event Host survey.

Post-Event Participant Survey

This survey is for participants who have completed their On The Table event. The host of the conversation may also take this survey. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Post-Event Host Notes

This is where On The Table conversation hosts can upload their notes, photos, and other information gathered at your event. You may also email your information to Lakeisha Johnson, ljohnson@athensal.us. If you have hosted more than one meeting, please complete the survey multiple times (one for each meeting). Please be sure to complete the Host survey prior to your event so that we can match the information in both the pre- and post-meeting survey.

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